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Annexin A1 MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Annexin A1
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Protein of the annexin family exhibiting lipid interaction and steroid-inducibility.
Entry Term(s)
Annexin I
Calpactin II
Chromobindin 9
Lipocortin 1
Lipocortin I
Previous Indexing
Calcium-Binding Proteins (1984-1992)
Public MeSH Note
2005; see ANNEXIN I 1993-2004; LIPOCORTIN 1 was indexed under CALCIUM-BINDING PROTEINS 1985-1992, ANNEXIN I & CALPACTIN II were indexed under CALCIUM-BINDING PROTEINS 1984-1992, ANNEXIN A1 was indexed under ANNEXIN I 2004; RENOCORTIN was indexed under GLYCOPROTEINS 1986-2004 & under PROTEINS 1983-1985; CHROMOBINDIN 9 was indexed under CARRIER PROTEINS & MEMBRANE PROTEINS 1986-2004
History Note
2005(1993); for LIPOCORTIN I use ANNEXINS (NM) 1985-1992, for ANNEXIN I & CALPACTIN II use ANNEXINS (NM) 1984-1992
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