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Annexin A2
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A member of the annexin family that is a substrate for a tyrosine kinase, ONCOGENE PROTEIN PP60(V-SRC). Annexin A2 occurs as a 36-KDa monomer and in a 90-KDa complex containing two subunits of annexin A2 and two subunits of S100 FAMILY PROTEIN P11. The monomeric form of annexin A2 was formerly referred to as calpactin I heavy chain.
Entry Term(s)
Annexin A2, P90 Complex
Annexin II
Annexin II, P36
Annexin II, P90 Complex
Calpactin I
Capactin I Heavy Chain
Lipocortin II
Previous Indexing
Calcium-Binding Proteins (1984-1992)
Public MeSH Note
2005; use ANNEXIN II 1993-2004; ANNEXIN II & CALPACTIN I were indexed under CALCIUM-BINDING PROTEINS 1984-1992, ANNEXIN A2 was indexed under ANNEXIN II 2004
History Note
2005(1993) for ANNEXIN II & CALPACTIN I use ANNEXINS 1984-1992
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Annexin A2 Preferred
Annexin A2, P90 Complex Related
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