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Annexin A4
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Protein of the annexin family originally isolated from the electric organ of the electric ray Torpedo marmorata. It has been found in a wide range of mammalian tissue where it is localized to the apical membrane of polarized EPITHELIAL CELLS.
Entry Term(s)
Annexin IV
Calelectrin 32-kDa
Lipocortin IV
Placental Anticoagulant Protein II
Previous Indexing
Calcium-Binding Proteins (1982-1992)
Public MeSH Note
1993; ANNEXIN IV were indexed under PREGNANCY PROTEINS 1987-1992; LIPOCORTIN IV was indexed under CALCIUM-BINDING PROTEINS 1982-1992; ANNEXIN A4 was indexed under ANNEXIN IV 2004
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2005(1993); for ANNEXIN IV use ANNEXINS 1987-1992
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