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Vagus Nerve Diseases
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neopl: coord IM with CRANIAL NERVE NEOPLASMS (IM) + histol type of neopl (IM)
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Diseases of the tenth cranial nerve, including brain stem lesions involving its nuclei (solitary, ambiguus, and dorsal motor), nerve fascicles, and intracranial and extracranial course. Clinical manifestations may include dysphagia, vocal cord weakness, and alterations of parasympathetic tone in the thorax and abdomen.
Entry Term(s)
Cranial Nerve X Diseases
Motor Disorder, Vagus Nerve
Pneumogastric Nerve Disorders
Sensory Disorder, Vagus Nerve
Tenth Cranial Nerve Diseases
Vagus Nerve Disorders
Vagus Nerve Motor Disorder
Vagus Nerve Sensory Disorder
Vagus Neuropathy
NLM Classification #
WL 330
Previous Indexing
Cranial Nerve Diseases (1981-1999)
Vagus Nerve/physiopathology (1966-1999)
Vocal Cord Paralysis (1966-1999)
See Also
Cranial Nerve Injuries
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Vagus Nerve Diseases Preferred
Sensory Disorder, Vagus Nerve Narrower
Motor Disorder, Vagus Nerve Narrower
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