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Massive Hepatic Necrosis MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Massive Hepatic Necrosis
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Extensive and rapid death of parenchymal cells in the LIVER, often due to exposure to toxic materials or drug-induced injury. It is characterized by a soft, flabby, yellow-brown wrinkled, and shrunken liver. It was called "acute yellow atrophy".
Entry Term(s)
Acute Yellow Atrophy
Acute Yellow Atrophy of Liver
Drug-induced Hepatic Necrosis
Fulminant Hepatitis
Hepatitis, Fulminant
Submassive Hepatic Necrosis
Previous Indexing
Liver Diseases (1968-2004)
Necrosis (1968-2004)
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2005; see LIVER DISEASES 1997-2004
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2005; use LIVER DISEASES 1997-2004
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Massive Hepatic Necrosis Preferred
Drug-induced Hepatic Necrosis Related
Fulminant Hepatitis Related
Submassive Hepatic Necrosis Related
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