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Pudendal Nerve
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do not confuse with PERONEAL NERVE
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A nerve which originates in the sacral spinal cord (S2 to S4) and innervates the PERINEUM, the external GENITALIA, the external ANAL SPHINCTER and the external urethral sphincter. It has three major branches: the perineal nerve, inferior anal nerves, and the dorsal nerve of penis or clitoris.
Entry Term(s)
Dorsal Clitoris Nerve
Dorsal Nerve of Clitoris
Dorsal Nerve of Penis
Dorsal Penile Nerve
Inferior Anal Nerve
Inferior Hemorrhoidal Nerve
Perineal Nerve
Previous Indexing
Penis (1967-2011)
Perineum (1969-2011)
Urethra (1969-2011)
Urinary Bladder (1967-2011)
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Peroneal Nerve
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Pudendal Nerve Preferred
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Inferior Hemorrhoidal Nerve Narrower
Dorsal Clitoris Nerve Narrower
Dorsal Penile Nerve Narrower
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