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Pontine Tegmentum MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Pontine Tegmentum
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The dorsal region of pons bounded by the middle CEREBELLAR PEDUNCLES and the ventral part of the pons. It is continuous with the TEGMENTUM MESENCEPHALI and contains CEREBELLAR NUCLEI, lemnisci and RETICULAR FORMATION.
Entry Term(s)
Accessory Abducens Nucleus
Central Tegmental Tract
Dorsal Acoustic Stria
Dorsal Part of Pons
Nuclei of the Lateral Lemniscus
Nucleus Subceruleus
Paralemniscal Nucleus
Pars Dorsalis Pontis
Pontine Reticular Formation
Reticular Formation of Pons
Tegmentum Pontis
Tegmentum Protuberancial
Tegmentum of Pons
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Pons (1967-2014)
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Trigeminal Nerve
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Pontine Tegmentum Preferred
Central Tegmental Tract Narrower
Nuclei of the Lateral Lemniscus Narrower
Pontine Reticular Formation Narrower
Dorsal Acoustic Stria Narrower
Nucleus Subceruleus Narrower
Accessory Abducens Nucleus Narrower
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