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ATPase Inhibitory Protein MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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ATPase Inhibitory Protein
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CA(2+) MG(2+)-ATPASE inhibitor found in membranes of mammalian ERYTHROCYTES.
Entry Term(s)
Epsilon Subunit, F1-ATPase
F(0)F(1)-Inhibitor Protein
F1-ATPase Epsilon Subunit
Inhibitor Factor 1, ATPase
Na-K ATPase Inhibitor
Public MeSH Note
2024: ATPASE INHIBITORY PROTEIN was indexed under PROTEINS 1982-2023, and under PLANT PROTEINS 1978-1982, and under ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATASE/antagonists&inhibitors 1978-1981
History Note
2024 (1978)
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ATPase Inhibitory Protein Preferred
F(0)F(1)-Inhibitor Protein Narrower
Na-K ATPase Inhibitor Narrower
F1-ATPase Epsilon Subunit Narrower
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