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Codon, Terminator
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Any codon that signals the termination of genetic translation (TRANSLATION, GENETIC). PEPTIDE TERMINATION FACTORS bind to the stop codon and trigger the hydrolysis of the aminoacyl bond connecting the completed polypeptide to the tRNA. Terminator codons do not specify amino acids.
Entry Term(s)
Amber Codon
Amber Stop Codon
Amber Terminator Codon
Codon, Amber Stop
Codon, Ochre Stop
Codon, Opal Stop
Codon, Stop
Codon, Termination
Ochre Codon
Ochre Stop Codon
Opal Codon
Opal Stop Codon
Stop Codon
Stop Codon UAA
Stop Codon UAG
Stop Codon UGA
Stop Signal, Translation
TAA Codon
TAG Codon
TGA Codon
Terminator Codon
UAA Codon
UAA Stop Codon
UAG Codon
UAG Stop Codon
UGA Codon
UGA Stop Codon
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Codon (1975-1994)
Genetic Code (1967-1974)
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Peptide Chain Termination, Translational
Protein Biosynthesis
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Codon, Terminator Preferred
Amber Stop Codon Narrower
Ochre Stop Codon Narrower
Opal Stop Codon Narrower
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