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bcl-X Protein
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do not confuse with the closely related BCL2-ASSOCIATED X PROTEIN
Scope Note
A member of the bcl-2 protein family that plays a role in the regulation of APOPTOSIS and is a regulatory subunit for PROTEIN PHOSPHATASE 1. Two major isoforms of the protein exist due to ALTERNATIVE SPLICING of the BCL2L1 mRNA and are referred to as Bcl-XS and Bcl-XL.
Entry Term(s)
bcl-X(L) Protein
bcl-X(S) Protein
bcl-XL Protein
bcl-XS Protein
bcl-Xa Protein
bcl-Xalpha Protein
bcl-Xb Protein
bcl-Xbeta Protein
bcl-Xlong Protein
bcl-Xshort Protein
bcl-x(beta) Protein
bcl2-Like 1 Protein
bcl2L1 Protein
Public MeSH Note
2006; BCL-X PROTEIN was indexed under PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEINS 1993-2004, & under PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEINS C-BCL-2 2005
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bcl-X Protein Preferred
bcl-XL Protein Narrower
bcl-XS Protein Narrower
bcl-Xalpha Protein Narrower
bcl-Xbeta Protein Narrower
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