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Complement C3a
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The smaller fragment generated from the cleavage of complement C3 by C3 CONVERTASE. C3a, a 77-amino acid peptide, is a mediator of local inflammatory process. It induces smooth MUSCLE CONTRACTION, and HISTAMINE RELEASE from MAST CELLS and LEUKOCYTES. C3a is considered an anaphylatoxin along with COMPLEMENT C4A; COMPLEMENT C5A; and COMPLEMENT C5A, DES-ARGININE.
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C3a Complement
Complement 3a
Complement Component 3a
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Complement C3a
Previous Indexing
Anaphylatoxins (1977-1989)
Complement (1967-1976)
Complement 3 (1975-1989)
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2006; see COMPLEMENT 3A 1990-2005
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2006 (1990)
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