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Complement C3d
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A 302-amino-acid fragment in the alpha chain (672-1663) of C3b. It is generated when C3b is inactivated (iC3b) and its alpha chain is cleaved by COMPLEMENT FACTOR I into C3c, and C3dg (955-1303) in the presence COMPLEMENT FACTOR H. Serum proteases further degrade C3dg into C3d (1002-1303) and C3g (955-1001).
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C3d Complement
Complement 3d
Complement C3d Fragment
Complement Component 3d
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Immunologic Factors
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Complement C3d
Previous Indexing
Complement (1973-1976)
Complement 3 (1975-1989)
See Also
Receptors, Complement 3d
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2006; see COMPLEMENT 3D 1990-2005
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2006 (1990)
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Complement C3d Preferred
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