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RNA Cap-Binding Proteins MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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RNA Cap-Binding Proteins
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Proteins that specifically bind to RNA CAPS and form nuclear cap binding protein complexes. In addition to stabilizing the 5' end of mRNAs, they serve a diverse array of functions such as enhancing mRNA transport out of the CELL NUCLEUS and regulating MRNA TRANSLATION in the CYTOPLASM.
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Cap Binding Protein
Cap Binding Proteins
Cap-Binding Protein Complex
RNA Cap Binding Proteins
mRNA Cap Binding Proteins
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RNA-Binding Proteins (1981-2002)
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2003; RNA CAP-BINDING PROTEINS was indexed under RNA-BINDING PROTEINS 1981-2002
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2003; use RNA CAP-BINDING PROTEINS (NM) 1981-2002
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RNA Cap-Binding Proteins Preferred
Cap-Binding Protein Complex Narrower
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