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Pyridoxaminephosphate Oxidase MeSH Descriptor Data 2024

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Pyridoxaminephosphate Oxidase
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An enzyme catalyzing the deamination of pyridoxaminephosphate to pyridoxal phosphate. It is a flavoprotein that also oxidizes pyridoxine-5-phosphate and pyridoxine. EC
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Pyridoxine-5-Phosphate Oxidase
Pyridoxinephosphate Oxidase
CAS Type 1 Name
Pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate:oxygen oxidoreductase (deaminating)
Previous Indexing
Oxidoreductases (1973-1974)
Pyridoxamine (1973-1974)
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91; was see under AMINE OXIDOREDUCTASES 1975-90
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91(75); was see under AMINE OXIDOREDUCTASES 1975-90
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Pyridoxaminephosphate Oxidase Preferred
Pyridoxine-5-Phosphate Oxidase Narrower
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