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Genes, ras
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Family of retrovirus-associated DNA sequences (ras) originally isolated from Harvey (H-ras, Ha-ras, rasH) and Kirsten (K-ras, Ki-ras, rasK) murine sarcoma viruses. Ras genes are widely conserved among animal species and sequences corresponding to both H-ras and K-ras genes have been detected in human, avian, murine, and non-vertebrate genomes. The closely related N-ras gene has been detected in human neuroblastoma and sarcoma cell lines. All genes of the family have a similar exon-intron structure and each encodes a p21 protein.
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H-ras Genes
H-ras Oncogenes
Ha-ras Genes
Ha-ras Oncogenes
K-ras Genes
K-ras Oncogenes
Ki-ras Genes
Ki-ras Oncogenes
N-ras Genes
N-ras Oncogenes
c-H-ras Genes
c-H-ras Proto-Oncogenes
c-Ha-ras Genes
c-Ha-ras Proto-Oncogenes
c-K-ras Genes
c-K-ras Proto-Oncogenes
c-Ki-ras Genes
c-Ki-ras Proto-Oncogenes
c-N-ras Genes
c-N-ras Proto-Oncogenes
ras Genes
ras Oncogene
v-H-ras Genes
v-H-ras Oncogenes
v-Ha-ras Genes
v-Ha-ras Oncogenes
v-K-ras Genes
v-K-ras Oncogenes
v-Ki-ras Genes
v-Ki-ras Oncogenes
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QZ 210
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Genes, Viral (1978-1987)
Oncogenes (1983-1987)
See Also
Costello Syndrome
Oncogene Protein p21(ras)
Proto-Oncogene Proteins p21(ras)
ras Proteins
Public MeSH Note
1991; was RAS GENES 1988-1990; was RAS GENES see ONCOGENES 1985-1987
Online Note
use GENES, RAS to search RAS GENES 1988-1990 & use ONCOGENES 1985-1987
History Note
1991; was RAS GENES 1988-1990; was RAS GENES see ONCOGENES 1985-1987
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K-ras Oncogenes Narrower
N-ras Genes Narrower
ras Oncogene Narrower
c-H-ras Genes Narrower
c-H-ras Proto-Oncogenes Narrower
c-Ha-ras Genes Narrower
c-Ha-ras Proto-Oncogenes Narrower
c-K-ras Genes Narrower
c-K-ras Proto-Oncogenes Narrower
c-Ki-ras Genes Narrower
c-Ki-ras Proto-Oncogenes Narrower
c-N-ras Genes Narrower
c-N-ras Proto-Oncogenes Narrower
H-ras Genes Narrower
Ha-ras Genes Narrower
Ha-ras Oncogenes Narrower
K-ras Genes Narrower
Ki-ras Genes Narrower
Ki-ras Oncogenes Narrower
v-H-ras Genes Narrower
v-H-ras Oncogenes Narrower
v-Ha-ras Genes Narrower
v-Ha-ras Oncogenes Narrower
v-K-ras Genes Narrower
v-K-ras Oncogenes Narrower
v-Ki-ras Genes Narrower
H-ras Oncogenes Narrower
v-Ki-ras Oncogenes Narrower
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