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Complement C9
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A 63-kDa serum glycoprotein encoded by gene C9. Monomeric C9 (mC9) binds the C5b-8 complex to form C5b-9 which catalyzes the polymerization of C9 forming C5b-p9 (MEMBRANE ATTACK COMPLEX) and transmembrane channels leading to lysis of the target cell. Patients with C9 deficiency suffer from recurrent bacterial infections.
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C9 Complement
Complement 9
Complement Component 9
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Immunologic Factors
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Bacteriolysis (1966-1974)
Complement (1968-1974)
Hemolysis (1966-1974)
specific cell
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2006; see COMPLEMENT 9 1978-2005, see COMPLEMENT 1975-1977
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2006 (1975)
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