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NADPH Oxidases
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A family of membrane-associated flavoprotein NADPH-dependent oxidoreductases that catalyze the univalent reduction of OXYGEN to create SUPEROXIDES. Structurally, they are characterized by six N-terminal transmembrane ALPHA-HELICES, a FLAVIN-ADENINE DINUCLEOTIDE (FAD)-binding region, and a C-terminal NADPH-binding region. They are expressed primarily by EPITHELIAL CELLS in gut, kidney, colon, and smooth muscle tissues, as well as GRANULOCYTES and function to transfer electrons across membranes to molecular oxygen. Defects in the production of superoxide ions by some NADPH oxidases result in GRANULOMATOUS DISEASE, CHRONIC.
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NAD(P)H Oxidases
NAD(P)H oxidase
NADPH Oxidase
Nox Proteins
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NADH, NADPH Oxidoreductases (1979-1996)
NADP (1972-1980)
Oxidoreductases (1972-1978)
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Granulomatous Disease, Chronic
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2018; see NADPH OXIDASE 1997-2017; NAD(P)H OXIDASE was indexed under NADH, NADPH OXIDOREDUCTASES 2000-2005; NADPH OXIDASE was indexed under NADH, NADPH OXIDOREDUCTASES 1979-1996, NADP 1972-1980 & OXIDOREDUCTASES 1972-1978
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2018 (1997)
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